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Misr Pharma for pharmaceutical industry is one of the health care giver and play role in the medical sector by providing a world class standard and high quality products, Our concern it to provide cost effective product to enhance the quality of life from different perspectives and to provide the best outcomes by the aid of science and biotechnology to satisfy the health needs.
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About Misr Pharma


To be one of the leading companies in different markets by building a well qualified team to apply a significant change in the world of production and quality of the products


The company's goal is to provide a high quality pharmaceutical product with international specifications that can compete in the local and foreign market

CEO words

Preparing a team of pharmacists on high efficiency in order to increase the capacity of the after-sales service to know the local and international markets and prepare a complete study of the local market .

Our Duty

To products

To products

The product is the shape and the definition to our company, thus in MISR PHARMA we try to give it all we got to be ready to compete Read More
To people

To people

The people is our greatest concern, they stimulate the wheels of the health industry hence here in MISR PHARMA we try to satisfy their need Read More

To team

To team

Because the success of any industrial activity depends mainly on the quality of the product, a quality management has been carried out to ensure the conformity Read More
To society

To society

MISR PHARMA role in the society is to ensure the production of a global pharmaceutical product that competes with foreign Read More

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